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Below are links to the estate planning documents MGJ utilizes for clinics, along with an overview of each form. These are provided as samples of legal documents. We strongly advise anyone looking to complete estate planning documents to contact a legal professional to ensure they receive a complete explanation of each document, and to ensure that the documents are drafted in a manner that follows their explicit wishes.

To schedule an appointment to complete any of the following documents, contact: MGJ at (406) 422-3904

Simple Will      PDF format     Word format

Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care     PDF format     Word format

Durable Power of Attorney for Finances     PDF format     Word format

Transfer on Death Deed (formerly Beneficiary Deed)      PDF format     Word format

Declaration of Homestead Exemption     PDF format     Word format

Indian Will     PDF format     Word format


Signs of Financial Abuse

Financial abuse occurs when someone preys on an individual, stealing from them or denying them access to their own money or property. The perpetrator could be a family member, friend, stranger, financial advisor, or business person. Victims can lose minimal amounts of money up to their life savings and homes. Everyone can help prevent financial abuse and fraud by watching for the signs and symptoms and reporting it.

Signs and Symptoms
  • The individual can’t spend money the way he/she wants.
  • Bills aren’t paid on time when they have been before.
  • The person is forced to sell or give away property, sign a power of attorney, or change title of property to someone else.
  • Family member or friend who is supposed to be helping the person starts buying things he/she cannot afford or living more extravagantly than in the past.
  • The individual is offered care in exchange for property or access to bank accounts.
  • The individual’s financial accounts show activity he/she could not have done, such as making an ATM withdrawal when bedridden.
  • The person’s financial situation suddenly changes or bank account shows unusual activity.
  • The person’s belongings are missing.
  • The individual’s Will is suddenly changed.
  • The person makes changes to previous financial decisions but does not understand those changes.
  • The person is isolated from friends or family.
  • The individual buys items he/she cannot use, such as a lifetime membership at a gym.
  • The individual receives care well below the level he/she can afford.

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