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Modest Means Program

Per Document Structure

Studies have shown that the cost of paying an attorney to develop estate planning documents can be a significant impediment to a vast majority of people.  As a response to this issue, MGJ has developed the Modest Means Program to increase access to estate planning documents. MGJ uses a per-document rather than a per-hour fee structure. Below are the fees charged, depending on your income.  See the 2020 Federal income level chart to determine which category you fall into.

Rates Based on Percentage of Federal Income Levels

Document 100% 150% 200% 250% 300% and above
Advanced Directives $50/doc $75/doc $100/doc $175/doc $250/doc
DH or TODD $40/doc $60/doc $80/doc $100/doc $200/doc
Simple Will $75/person $100/person $150/person $200/person $500/single or $750/couple

*Note: Advance Directives include Durable Powers of Attorney for Health Care and Finances.

DH is the Declaration of Homestead; TODD is the Transfer on Death Deed (formerly Beneficiary Deed).

Additional forms: Realty Transfer Certificate (RTC) – $150; DNRC Water Right Ownership Update Form 608 – $80; Warranty Deed or Quit Claim
Deed – $100.

*Note: Fees outlined above include a draft and final document in accordance with a client’s original direction. Additional fees may apply to any service listed above for changes, revisions, redrafting, or extended legal research. This will be discussed during the initial client interview.


Federal Income Levels

The table below lists the total income levels per individual or household. MGJ uses these levels as a basis for determining the fees it charges for its Modest Means Program.  These figures represent the total gross income for the household.

Monthly Income Levels Per Household

Number in Household 100% 150% 200% 250% 300% and above
1 $1,063 $1,595 $2,127 $2,658 $3,220
2 $1,437 $2,155 $2,873 $3,592 $4,355
3 $1,810 $2,715 $3,620 $4,525 $5,490
4 $2,183 $3,275 $4,367 $5,458 $6,625
5 $2,557 $3,835 $5,113 $6,392 $7,760
6 $2,930 $4,395 $5,860 $7,325 $8,895
7 $3,303 $4,955 $6,607 $8,258 $10,030
8 $3,677 $5,515 $7,353 $9,192 $11,165

Modest means program

Estate Planning for Montanans

MGJ serves Montanans 18 years and older at any income level through our Modest Means Program. We work with clients in a convenient setting via Zoom or phone conference calls. Each client’s needs are carefully assessed and accommodated. Please call to schedule an interview to discuss your needs and individualized estate plan.

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